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Returning to the Studio

Let's just say right from the start that the unknowns far outweigh the knowns at this moment. Information changes by the day, and the state of Minnesota is moving cautiously forward in trying to reopen businesses. As of today as I write this there is no timeline in place yet for reopening service based businesses (like gyms and studios).

But since we choose to be optimistic about returning to the studio soon, we wanted to let you know about the plans we're working on to make sure we can enjoy the studio and each other's company while maintaining safety for everyone.

1. We're moving the equipment around.

And by that I mean we're taking advantage of our big beautiful space to spread everything out. We're setting up the reformer/tower units with chair and mat into 5 individual 'spaces' that will have 10 feet of space (or more) between them. By doing this a teacher and student can work together on the equipment while maintaining safe distance from each other but also from any other teacher and student in the studio.

2. Each space will have it's own stuff

Each teacher will have their own dedicated space, and all the equipment and props in that space will be dedicated to that teacher. This way we can better track who is using what and when it needs cleaning. The teacher has total control of their environment, and you the student can trust that there hasn't been a bunch of hands on the props and equipment you're using.

3. Everything will be cleaned between students

The teacher will clean whatever has been used between every lesson, no exceptions. The student can help by assisting in the cleanup post lesson. This has always been studio policy, but it's more important now than ever.

4. The studio will be cleaned every day

We have always kept a tidy studio, and all the equipment has always been cleaned after every use, with more thoroughly cleanings weekly. The studio at large has always been spot cleaned daily and deep cleaned weekly. However we will now be cleaning all surfaces thoroughly, daily - including floors and mirrors, doors, knobs, and all!

5. Scheduling times may change

Until now lessons are usually scheduled back to back for teachers. While this makes for an exciting and efficient work flow, it will not allow as much time for the necessary cleaning. It also means more people in the studio at the same time, something we are trying to minimize. We will therefore be looking at putting more time in between scheduled lessons. This may mean altering a standing time for your lesson, but we are confident we can find a solution for everyone.

6. Group classes will remain online (for now)

To minimize risk in person while still enjoying community and the classes we count on, live group classes will continue to run via Zoom. It's been working fantastically so far, and there are more classes and class types to choose from than ever before!

7. Online private lessons will continue

If you prefer to continue your lessons online, good news! That will now be an ongoing option. Move in person, online, or a combo as your life dictates. The choice is yours!

We will announce more as the details become available. We are relying on the state to help us with best practices regarding sanitizer, approved cleansers, and use of masks. As we learn more, we will pass the info on to you.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this current situation. We have confidence that we will find a safe and effective working method to enjoy our movement practice and community live and in person.

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