We're changing schedulers! You can use the link below to schedule on our new Acuity site. If you have unused lessons or classes on Mindbody, never fear! Just contact us and we'll get up all set up. 

Drop in Class Schedule

Current Class Schedule 

Note: All classes held online via Zoom


10 am -- Explore Pilates Barrel


8 am -- Roll Model Method Self Massage

5 pm -- All Level Pilates Mat


8 am -- Roll and Restore

5 pm -- Full Body Restorative Exercise


8 am -- Bend and Balance BOSU

5 pm -- Explore Pilates Barrel


8 am -- All Level Pilates Mat

5 pm -- Roll and Restore


8 am --  Advanced Pilates Mat

9 am --  All Level Pilates Mat

10 am - Bend and Balance BOSU

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