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Lessons with The Movement Explorer (Marcia Svaleson)

Hello friends! I am passionate about the power of movement to heal us and create vibrant health and performance. I have always been drawn to and fascinated by human movement, and began studying classical ballet and Pilates as a kid. I have also experienced the struggle of health setbacks through chronic illness and injury. My movement journey has evolved over time from performance, to fitness, to rehabilitation, and then to wellness. My journey informs my approach today - every one of us needs movement to be well, and we can all use help discovering the 'blind spots' in our bodies that can unlock the innate healing power of our body and produce increased vitality and performance. More than just fitness and exercise, my passion is fully embodied health. Here's some of the methods I use to explore your body and movement with you:


Restorative Exercise is an elegantly simple method of helping us discover the 'blind spots' in our body and gently nudge us toward health. Using alignment points, we can assess where we are now, how we got there, and how to bring our body back to optimal alignment for maximum function and health with simple stretches and movements. Also, it is a lens for us to examine our every day lives to more clearly see and address the ways in which our movement and environment can help or hurt our wellness goals. (I am a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist, and continue my eduction with Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement).

Roll Model Method (RMM) is a system of self massage using small balls. But it's so much more than that! Created by Jill Miller, RMM is a comprehensive method of increasing proprioception (your embodied self perception), filling in the gaps in your body map, releasing tension and dysfunction, and increasing health and mobility in the fascia, muscles, blood flow, lymph movement. It is a tremendous self care tool for education and self empowerment to positively affect our own health. (I am a certified Roll Model Method Practitioner, and continue my education with Jill Miller and Tune Up Fitness). 

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is an exciting new approach to looking at and moving the body. Using this method we can track your body's alignment and movement from the feet up, assessing center of gravity, joint position in three planes, and how your entire body is moving through the various phases of walking. The philosophy of AiM is simple - offer the body the experience it needs heal and it will. This is a powerful tool for self exploration, recovery, and performance enhancement. (I have completed the comprehensive AiM course and continue my education with Gary Ward).


Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is a groundbreaking protocol for assessing and treating imbalances in the body and the motor control patterns they come from. When we work with the body we are really training the brain, and NKT uses manual muscle testing to help us find and resolve the patterns that create pain and dysfunctional movement. 

Pilates is a masterwork of proprioception, whole body movement, and progressive skill acquisition, and is turbocharged when combined with insights of the above methods. We can now use the intelligent, progressive method of Pilates to educate and strengthen these new alignments and patterns, creating optimum alignment, balance, functionality, and health. (I am a certified Pilates instructor with certificates from The Pilates Studio of Los Angeles and The Pilates Center of Boulder). 

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