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New Adventures Await Us!

Fellow movement explorers, I have an exciting announcement!

In October, our studio experience will be changing in two ways. I want to take this opportunity to share the 'what' and the 'why' for these changes.

So first, let's announce the What. What is changing?

  • The studio will be downsizing and moving to a private space I'm constructing in my home.

  • The classes, workshops, and courses will remain online and move to an expanded virtual studio platform.

And now the Why:

The last year and a half has been noteworthy in many ways, and I am so proud of our community for weathering the challenges with grace. When circumstances demanded we find another way to practice together we transitioned with ease. We've been able to thrive in this format, and I am very excited by the opportunities this new, more robust virtual studio platform represents:

  • Unlimited accessibility! In the online format you no longer have to be local to practice with our movement community. You can maintain your practice while you travel. You can enjoy the ease of choosing your location rather than commuting to the studio.

  • More resources and variety! In this new virtual studio platform I am constructing we will have the ability to expand what we do and how we do it. Live classes will continue as always, but! There will also be a video on demand platform you can subscribe to so that you can cue up a movement class of your choosing anytime you like! And there will be expanded courses and workshops (guided and self study) for particular topics, all recorded and accessible in a single account.

  • More flexible choices! With these new options, there will also be more flexible ways to purchase content. Our traditional class passes will remain, but we will also offer other options. With tiers of pricing and more options at different price points (including more free content!), you can choose what's best for you! More info will be available in the next month as the transition gets underway (I'm in the building phase presently), so stay tuned!

  • Live training can be outreach to our wider community! With the tether of the physical studio released, in-person classes and trainings will have even more opportunity to venture out into the wide world! I look forward to exploring this community outreach opportunity.

As for moving the physical studio to my home space, the overarching reason can be summed up simply as - making the outside match the inside. What does that mean? A couple things.

  • Even in pre-pandemic times, it had become clear to me that what people sought from me was different from what could be found in a gym or the larger fitness studios. People come to move with me because I create a movement practice that is made just for you. When you practice with me you feel known, heard, and understood. We're not just exercising, we're exploring movement - YOUR movement. Your body. Your unique self. The current studio space - beautiful and marvelous as it is - does not reflect the quiet, safe, more personal experience I feel our work together represents. And so in an effort to offer a space that reflects this, I am creating a 500 square foot studio, at my home but separate from it, with complete privacy and even more movement opportunities than the larger studio offered! It is conveniently located close to major roads and freeways, but is quiet and surrounded by nature and light. My hope is that it will feel like your movement home, a warm, friendly place you enjoy and look forward to visiting.

  • These last few years have presented me personally with a path of exploration that has challenged my values, intentions, and goals. It is an ongoing journey, of course! But I have felt a very strong pull to make my outsides match my insides in that I want to more fully practice what I preach. I value exploring my own personal movement to the fullest. I value more time being and moving in nature. I value thinking outside the box on what self care means and how we can align our lives to achieve more of it. I value prioritizing my health and everything that encompasses. I value making the work I do with people and the things I learn from my personal journey accessible to everyone. This shift allows me more space and time to do these things, and I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity, for the privilege to pursue my health and the passion of my work moving with others. I am so blessed to have these resources, and I look forward to finding ways to share with others.

In some ways this will be a big change! And yet I hope in many ways it will feel familiar, and - dare I say - better! Classes have been online already, and so we are expanding and improving this format. Private lessons will still be in person (or online!) but in a custom built studio that fits our work perfectly. I can't overstate my excitement in these new opportunities, and I so look forward to moving with you!

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