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Movement in a Pandemic

It's a concerning time, friends.

Whether you are of the mind that this is all blown out of proportion or that this is seriously scary business, the reality is that we are facing a challenge and need to be there for each other.

Health professionals are all in agreement that the best way to not overwhelm our health system and prevent unnecessary loss of life is to increase sanitation measures and practice social distancing.

Social distancing is most immediately needed for large group gatherings, which is why we see large social events being canceled all over the world. However for those who are particularly at risk or those who care for them, social distancing may need to be more diligent and immediate.

With this in mind, I am offering a live online option for those who take private lessons with me, and a live online option for currently scheduled classes. Please read the details below.

For private lessons:

If you are someone who regularly attends private lessons with me, please contact me if you would like to take advantage of a Zoom appointment. The lesson would be paid for from your existing pass, and you would simply need a device with a camera and internet connection to participate. Please email me if you would like to take advantage of this option or to learn more.

For group classes:

I will be offering a live online option (zoom) for those interested. You will need to contact me to let me know you are planning to join so I can send you a link. For those with a current class pass the online option will be paid for by this. Depending on the class you would be responsible for having the needed equipment. For instance, if you are participating in BOSU class you would need to own a BOSU. For Pilates Barrel you would need a Pilates spine corrector or Arc barrel. For Roll and Restore you would need Yoga Tune Up balls or an equivalent. For Pilates equipment you would need to own a Pilates Reformer and/or Pilates Tower and/or Pilates Chair. For Pilates Mat you would just need some floor space!

I am happy to work with you to figure out the logistics, and I appreciate your patience as I get the swing of things from my end!

In the next week I will begin offering taped classes of various types using a minimum of props/other resources so that you can enjoy movement exploration in the comfort of your home. This will be a subscription service, and new content will be regularly added. More details will come as we finalize the details.

These online offerings were something already in the works, but the universe seems to be in a hurry and so we will hurry the delivery.

Because the studio is largely used for one-on-one lessons and very small classes (4 people or less), we will continue to offer an in-person experience. If the circumstances change and we are required to close the physical studio for a while you will be the first to know. At that point we would move to entirely virtual interaction until cleared to resume in person instruction.

In remaining open, we are engaging in even more stringent sanitation practices, and all equipment and props are being cleaned daily. We will do our very best to practice all recommended sanitation measures, and we encourage those coming to the studio to wash hands before AND after your class/lesson, or use hand sanitizer. We cannot provide hand sanitizer as there is currently none to be had for any price!

I have such love and appreciation for the Kensho community, and I know that we will support each other to move through this pandemic and see the light on the other side!

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