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Walktober Week 1

Archived here are the week 1 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge!

Day 1: #kenshowalktober2019 day 1! And it's raining! That's okay, raincoats and umbrellas to the rescue. But's here's a question posed out in the wet - do you walk like a duck! That is to say, are your feet facing forward as you walk, or pointing out to the sides a bit? I like using lines in the sidewalk to align the outside edge of my foot forward, then try to walk straight (not easy when you're pointing your phone at your feet while juggling an umbrella). As you walk today, keep an eye on where your feet are pointing!

Day 2: Still raining! It's the kid in me, but splashing through puddles and watching the drops ripple in pools is fun! So did you notice your feet wanting to 'duck' out? Well one reason can be tight calves. If they're short and tight we will turn the foot a bit as we walk to get around it. But if we do calf stretching we won't have to duck walk! I'm using a handy rock here. I hope you splash in puddles today!

Day 3: Along with tension in the calves, tight feet can make walking with forward facing feet uncomfortable. We have 33 joints per foot, but they don't move much when we wear shoes. What to do? Roll your feet! Any ball will do, and get all those nooks and crannies, between all 26 bones!

Day 4: Do you have a stiff big toe? If it can't bend up like this, you'll have to duck walk to get around the tightness. I'm stretching my big toe here by placing a ball against the wall (to keep rolling to a minimum). Try to prop the big toe up with the other toes down. It can be a big stretch!

Day 5: Do your shins get tight or sore when you walk/run? And how about those stiff toes? We can stretch them all with this top of the foot move! Try to curl all five toes under, and keep the ankle straight. If the big toe is really stiff your ankle may bow out to the side to ease the load. Then take those fantastic feet outside for a walk!

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