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Walktober Challenge

Autumn is my absolute favorite time to walk outside! The temps are cooler but not yet the cold of winter, the trees are flaming with color, the leaves are crisp underfoot and the skies are filled with birds heading to their winter homes. And no more bugs! So when I think of a walking challenge, I can think of no better time than October to do it, which is how Walktober came to be.

So what is the Kensho Walktober challenge? Simply this - walk outside every day in October. Why outside? Because the benefits of being outdoors in nature are many, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and tension, breathing fresh air, sun exposure to produce vitamin D, and strengthening immune response. Going outside is always available to us without the barrier of a gym membership or purchasing a treadmill, and doesn't require any fancy ensemble. Americans now spend over 90 percent of our time indoors on average, and that's a lot! So whether it's a day hike or a walk around the block, let's walk outside this month!

Of course, finding the time for a walk can be the biggest barrier of all, but the good news is that it doesn't have to be a separate event to be scheduled - we can fit it into your day! How? Well, here's a few ideas:

  • Walk to do an errand

  • Return phone calls while walking

  • Plan a walking meeting

  • Walk your kids to and/or from school

  • Park several blocks away from your destination and walk the rest

  • Yard work! There's a lot of steps here.

  • Golf without a cart

  • Walk to your lunch

  • Find a parking spot furthest from the door

  • Walk the dog

  • Get off a stop early on the bus

  • Make coffee dates with friends and walk

  • Enjoy reading time with an audiobook and a park

What other ideas do you have? There's many opportunities to increase our walking and our outdoor time, and remember - little bits throughout the day add up!

You can pick up tips, exercises, and motivation by following the challenge on Facebook and Instagram, and post pics of yourself on your walks with #kenshowalktober2019 .

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