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Walk the Path

I'm not really a resolutions person in the new year, but I definitely like to focus myself with a theme, an image, or a quote. This year it's a theme, and it comes from moments of synchronicity I've experienced recently that fills me with curiosity and inspiration.

Walk The Path.

What does that mean? Well, it has several meanings, and that's what I like about it. First of all, I've been doing a lot of studying (always, duh). And all of what I've been learning recently seems to be coalescing into a greater picture of walking. Human walking. As in, our bipedal way of getting around on our two feet. It is the ultimate human movement, since we're the only ones savvy (or silly) enough to do it upright, and it uses every single part of our body. So I've become fascinated in looking at all the other movements we do, and comparing them back to what is happening in our gait. And looking at the work of my teachers and seeing where they meet and overlap as to our body's movement while walking and how we can best facilitate easeful function.

So don't be surprised if classes and lessons start pulling on these threads. Thank you for participating in my experiment. :-)

Secondly, I am committed to simply walking more. Literally walking the path. All kinds of paths! Paved, unpaved, city, forest, you name it! I feel so completely well when I walk every day, both physically and mentally. So while I'm not setting myself a goal of distance, because life happens and I live in The North where the weather laughs at such plans, I AM setting myself the goal of WALKING EVERY DAMN DAY. This is more than walking for exercise, and you'll be hearing ALL about it, trust me.

Thirdly, just as I was really starting to realize I was becoming obsessed with walking, I read that the translation of Tao (as in Taoism, or Lao Tzu) is 'a person walking along a path'. Well, I was floored. That is literally the translation of the ancient symbol of Tao. And while the definition of Tao beyond this translation is pretty subjective, you could say that Tao is everywhere. It is literally the movement of all life. Awareness is the only real necessary tool needed to study the Tao, as the Tao is in everything. And in becoming aware of the rhythm of life all around you, you learn to walk the path is greater acceptance, understanding, and joy. Man, I was hooked by this. It was just too in sync with everything else I've been thinking on. So I've added studying Taoism to my daily meditation, and I'm delighted by the fact that this wisdom, too, overlaps with my greater theme.

So this year I am Walking the Path, in mind, in body, and in spirit. I couldn't be more excited, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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