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Continuing Education is the spice of life

I just finished the Level 3 seminar for Neurokinetic Therapy, and I'm a mess. That sounds ominous, but let me explain.

This work is really fascinating. I always tell people I found this work out of a frustration of knowing what SHOULD work, but then being confused when it didn't. I knew there was something missing, but I couldn't figure it out. Until I starting reading David Weinstock's posts on Facebook, when it all began to make sense. And when I took levels 1 and 2 of his work, I wasn't dissapointed. It was exactly what I hoped it would be - the missing link between what I knew and what was actually true. For instance, if your left glute was weak, we should do exercise to strengthen it, yes? And yet, all the glute work in the world didn't seem to touch it. In fact, it seemed to be making things worse. How do you explain that? What was missing from my understanding?

The answer was the neuromuscular connection. Once your brain has a pattern hardwired, it takes some effort to undo it. The body hates imbalance, and so will eventually re-write the abnormal pattern to be 'normal' if it sticks around long enough. So that's why these old patterns are hard to get rid of, and why we stop noticing them as being unusual.

Enter NKT. You can truly get your body to acknowledge all the amazing compensations it has produced to keep you moving, and bring it back to a more uniform place. And the results are immediate and dramatic in many cases.

The proof is in the pudding, as the old saying goes. Applying it to my own body is always the most powerful indicator of effectiveness, and the level 3 training goes deep into what makes or breaks a body's connection to itself. For instance, did you know that a scar can have a global impact on your body's ability to function? My old scars from an abdominal surgery 20 years ago was affecting my rectus abdominals (6 pack muscle) abilty to work properly. So when I thought I was working my abs, I was, in fact, strengthening the dysfunction around my scars. Releasing the scar tissue helped me find my abs again, and it felt AMAZING! The one that truly amazed me, however, was a tiny old scar on the inside of my elbow. It was affecting my grip and finger strength on the same hand. We released the scar and BAM! Strength and function returned.

I know this can sound like hocus-pocus. Believe me, I needed to experience it for myself in order to truly understand how powerful it can be. NKT is like 'speaking muscle' - you don't have to do imaging and x-rays. You don't have to be invasive. You simply do muscle tests to see what is affecting something else. And the results are extraordinary.

So if you're curious, (and I know you are) then sign up for an NKT appointment with me. I don't think you'll be disappointed. The body is extraordinary in its abilty to keep moving. And we now have a tool to make it work even more efficiently.

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