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Walktober Week 5

Archived here are the week 5 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge! Day 27: Another beautiful thing about walking in nature is the different surfaces I get to interact with. Just a few from today - leaves, logs, and rocks! Have you walked on natural surfaces today? Day 28: A benefit of taking your walk outside is the variety of temperature. We are often 'fair weather walkers' choosing only the most beautiful and comfortable days for our outside time. However, a vital component of our health is our body's ability to regulate our temperature, an ability we lose when stay always indoors. Our HVAC systems then take the place of our natural processes, which makes any deviation from our indoor c

Walktober Week 4

Archived here are the week 4 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge! Day 20: One of the things I love best about walking in nature is the marriage of visual beauty with the visceral impact of sound. I love watching moving water, but I enjoy hearing it just as much. It feeds my heart and soul. Day 21: How do you arm swing? Well, first of all, check to see if you do. Then notice if your arms are bent or straight. And are they swinging back/front or side/side? you guessed it, we're focusing on the upper body movement of our walk this week. Day 22: Your arms can have extraordinary variety in your walk, but like most habits, we tend to do the same old thing. So yesterday we noticed what that ha

Walktober Week 3

Archived here are the week 3 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge! Day 13: the nature walk with my walking coach (Hunter Dog) was full of cool, crisp air, bright colors, and a few nature friends! Can you spot the deer and turkeys in the last photo? They were hanging out together! Day 14: What's leading your walk? I've taken on a silly walk looking challenge to show various body parts leading the way - head, chest, pelvis, and feet. If you walked in the door, which part would come first? Day 15: Back it up! Your hips, I mean. I'm not a gambling gal, but I'm willing to bet if you start checking in on where your pelvis is, you'll often find it drifting out over the front of your foot. We'd l

Walktober Week 2

Archived here are the week 2 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge! Day 6: A BEAUTIFUL fall day! Hunter and I took advantage and walked in the Minnesota River Nature Refuge. Hours of nature and miles of walking, and we saw footprints of fellow nature walkers! I hope you enjoyed your outdoor walk today! Day 7: Falling forward, pushing back. Do you have glute amnesia - otherwise known as a weak butt? You may be missing the best backside exercise there is - walking! There's many types of walking, though, and not all are making optimal use of your derriere. Here I am demonstrating (exaggerated, yes) anterior gait and posterior gait. The first uses the front hip flexors to draw the leg forward,

Walktober Week 1

Archived here are the week 1 posts from the 2019 Walktober Challenge! Day 1: #kenshowalktober2019 day 1! And it's raining! That's okay, raincoats and umbrellas to the rescue. But's here's a question posed out in the wet - do you walk like a duck! That is to say, are your feet facing forward as you walk, or pointing out to the sides a bit? I like using lines in the sidewalk to align the outside edge of my foot forward, then try to walk straight (not easy when you're pointing your phone at your feet while juggling an umbrella). As you walk today, keep an eye on where your feet are pointing! Day 2: Still raining! It's the kid in me, but splashing through puddles and watching the drops ripple i

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