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Restorative Movement for whole-body health


Welcome, fellow modern human!

As modern humans, we face an interesting challenge - how to stay healthy in a world ever more centered around sedentarism, while living in bodies that need movement to be well. And if you are looking for a path and a community to explore this, you've come to the right place! 

What is restorative movement?

Well, the short answer is that restorative movement lives in the space between physical therapy and sports/fitness. We explore movement that is relevant to our daily lives, activity, and health. 

Restorative movement is:

  • Foundational - the movements we focus on are the fundamental movements on which you can build any skill.

  • Sustainable - At any age and stage, this practice is one that grows over time.

  • Scalable - no matter your ability, RM is accessible to you.

  • Accessible - while we may use equipment in private lessons, the homework is always with no equipment or things that are affordable and easy to find. 

  • Practical - we're really interested in the movements we need to be well, the movements we need to accomplish and enjoy life, and how that can fit into the life we already have.

With restorative movement, we will borrow from a variety of disciplines, and our intention is to improve our alignment, breath, mobility, and strength. What sets this practice apart from many is our interest not just on what or how, but the WHY. Rather than limiting ourselves to what is 'right' and 'wrong,' we learn what all the options are and why we might choose one over another. Knowledge is power, and resiliency comes from having options!

As we build and practice our healthy movement, we're also examining life factors that influence our health and movement, and the the subtle things that can create body blind spots. Influences such as:

  • our environment

  • personal history

  • community

  • exercise 

  • personal habits

  • sports and competition

  • aging

  • genetics

And when we can explore movement while examining these influences, we can create an informed movement practice that supports a movement rich life!

Am I a movement explorer?

We come to explore movement for many reasons, but I find we all fall into one or more of these groups


  • The Visionary - Mature people who are ready to age dynamically and meet their body at every stage of life.

  • The Seeker - Those who want to improve their health with movement.

  • The Optimizer - Active people who want to explore their potential and perform at their very best.

  • The Academic - Perpetually curious people who always want to know more about their bodies and movement. 

So come along, fellow movement explorer! From here you can choose your adventure, and meet The Movement Explorer.

What We Do

Private Lesssons

One-on-one lessons for a unique, personalized movement experience

Group Classes
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Live and recorded classes for whole body health

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