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Restorative Movement for whole-body health


Welcome, fellow modern human!

As modern humans, we face an interesting challenge - how to stay healthy in a world that's more centered around sedentarism than ever before, while living in bodies that need movement to be well. And if you are looking for a path and a community to explore this, you've come to the right place! 

Who is the movement explorer?

My name is Marcia, and I am a modern human like you!

Someone who:

  • lives in a modern, sedentary society

  • has been an athlete and a performer

  • manages chronic illness and injury

  • intends to age with dynamic enthusiasm

  • wants to enjoy movement, not endure it

Why movement exploration?

It all starts with the question - how can I use movement to increase my health and enjoy my life to the fullest?

It's no secret that we need to move to preserve our function and our health, and to prevent disease and injury. 

But maybe you find yourself confused or overwhelmed with all the choices of movement out there. You want something that builds your foundation of moving health.

Or you are struggling with motivation to get moving. You want something you can do even if you're tired, stressed, or not feeling like movement is something that can be enjoyable. 

Or you are managing an illness or injury that makes movement seem too difficult. You need something that can start slow and build. 

Or you are not sure how to scale your movement to your stage in life. You want to preserve and build your mobility and strength, but don't want to feel pressure to look or be a certain way.

Or you are a sports and fitness veteran, but you suspect there might be some holes in your movement game. You want to optimize.

If you can relate to any of these, you might be a movement explorer!

Yeah, but what IS movement exploration?

I believe that our superpower as humans is our adaptability. Unless so many creatures that are specialized to their roles in the ecosystem, humans are true generalists. Look at how we survive in every environment on earth! Humans are robust, resilient, and self healing. How cool is that?

And I think when we bring curiosity and a willingness to learn, explore, and play with movement to our lives we are able to enjoy our best health.

So I bring a variety of disciplines to act as 'maps' to explore our bodies and movement.

I act as a trail guide and I invite you to investigate these 'maps' to discover parts of your body and movement that may be more like blindspots in our daily lives, or other areas that maybe be overused. 

Some of what we do looks like exercise. Some looks more like everyday movement. Some looks like rest. And some of it looks and feels like play! All of it is intended to help you feel and move in a way that feels restorative and healthy.

So come along, fellow movement explorer! From here you can choose your adventure!

What We Do

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Live and recorded classes for whole body health

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