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The Triad of Healthy Movement

Note: The subject of this post and the packages included are for Marcia only. Class packages and private lesson/duet packages for Pilates and Gyrotonic at Kensho will remain as they are, and are available!

The human body in motion is my passion, and it surpasses any one application. Whether it’s dance, sports, athletics, acrobatics, or just the amazing things the body can do, I’m fascinated by all of it. Above all, however, is my desire to promote health.

My own movement journey began with joyful expression and play, which then was shaped into art/performance by dance, then redirected to fitness through Pilates. But I felt there was more. I found that while we may seek out fitness for the sake of our health, fitness and athletics do not guarantee health. As I so often say, we have the right intention, but we’re often getting the wrong result. So I continued my education, seeking teachers who could help me understand more about achieving health through movement.

I have been so fortunate in my search. Through the study of Pilates, Neurokinetic Therapy and Restorative Exercise™, I have found a powerful combination that can truly address what our body needs to achieve and maintain health.

Neurokinetic Therapy is a groundbreaking protocol for assessing and treating imbalances in the body and the motor control patterns they come from. When we treat the body we are really training the brain, and NKT uses manual muscle testing to help us find and resolve the patterns that create pain and dysfunctional movement.

Restorative Exercise™ is an elegantly simple method of helping us discover the ‘blind spots’ in our body and gently nudge us toward health. Using alignment points, we can assess where we are now, how we got there, and how to bring our body back to optimal alignment for maximum function and health with simple stretches and movements. Also, it is a lens for us to examine our every day lives to more clearly see and address the ways in which our movement and environment can help or hurt our wellness goals.

Pilates is a masterwork of proprioception, whole body movement, and progressive skill acquisition, and is turbo-charged when combined with the insights and wisdom of NKT and RE. We can now use the intelligent, progressive method of Pilates to educate and strengthen these new alignments and patterns, creating optimum alignment, balance, functionality, and health.

While each of these modalities alone is powerful, I have found the combination of the three to be an unbeatable triad. And rather than offer them ‘a la carte’, I feel called to offer anyone who works with me the benefit of the whole. This offering is unique – you’ll not find it anywhere else in this state! And so I’ve begun retooling my packages to reflect this special experience and create a variety of ways to access it. The new format will go into effect in October, 2017. I’ve included the updated information below!

Intro Package with Marcia -- $500

This 1:1 package is a great way to begin your healthy movement journey! First is a 90 minute appointment where we’ll assess where you are, determine goals, and then apply testing and movement to determine where we begin. You’ll learn fundamentals tailored to your unique body and needs, and homework to help the process flourish. Included is a starter kit with a half dome, block, strap, and ball. There are 4 - 1 hour sessions following the initial assessment where we continue progressing toward your health goals using movement.

1 – 90 minute initial appointment

4 – 60 minute lessons

1 starter kit – half dome, block, ball, and strap

For ongoing 1:1 movement training, there are tiered options!

1 – 60 minute appointment -- $100

This is if you’re doing a check in, or tune up. A great option for those who have a consistent class or home practice who want more information, or just need a little extra once in a while.

5 – 60 minute appointments -- $450 ($90 a lesson)

If you did the intro lessons and want to continue with 1:1, this is a great option! Here we can keep the progress rolling, whether the intention is to continue private training, maximize a home practice or join a class. Each lesson is customized for your goals and needs, with safe, informed progression.

10 – 60 minute appointments -- $850 ($85 a lesson)

You’re committed to health! This is a fantastic option for those who want to continue to thrive with weekly appointments. Knowledge is power, and it’s also a process! We’ll keep growing, learning, and methodically progressing in full body health!

20 – 60 minute appointments -- $1600 ($80 a lesson)

It’s a family affair! For those who have found the joy of healthy movement and want their loved ones to benefit, you can share this package with your partner and kids to grow in health together! Also for the student who wants to receive the benefit of discounted pricing for their commitment to practice.

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