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Where are you from? How long have you been a Minnesotan?

I was born in Massachusetts, and have lived all over! My dad was in the Navy when I was a kid, and gave me nomadic tendencies. I've been a Minnesotan since 2005.


Got family? Tell us a little about them!

Married and have two stepchildren. I'm a middle sister, an aunt, and fur-mom to a dog and cat. 


How did you find Pilates?

I started with Pilates at age 12 as a required conditioning class in my ballet school. I kept it up after I stopped dancing, and, well, kept doing it!


Why did you decide to teach Pilates?

I joke that it's because I'd done it for so long somebody ought to pay me, but truly it's to empower people to their mind, body, and health. I am very passionate about helping people help themselves and feel good. 


Nature lover or city dweller?

I like to visit cities for short periods, but am only at home in nature.


Party girl or homebody? 

Super homebody. Just shy of a hermit, perhaps, without intervention from friends.


What’s your favorite TV show(s)?

I'm a huge nerd - documentaries and anime.


Favorite book(s)?

If someone wrote it, I'll probably read it. I'm a voracious reader.


Top 5 guests at your Dead/Alive dinner party? (any person, living or dead, invited to dinner)

Joseph Pilates! Abraham Lincoln, Hayao Miyazaki, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Shakespeare.


What are your favorite hobbies / pastimes? 

Reading, cooking, writing, crafts of all kind, anything really where I can make something.