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Where are you from? How long have you been a Minnesotan?

I am from Rochester, Michigan.   I lived in Chicago, then Houston, Texas before coming to Minnesota in 2006.


Got family? Tell us a little about them!

I have a husband and two children, a 12 year old daughter and a 7 year old son.


How did you find Pilates?

I found Pilates while dancing in Chicago.  It made my dance technique better.


Why did you decide to teach Pilates?

At first, it was a good way to supplement my performance income while getting to do Pilates.  I found teaching to be so rewarding; working with young dancers who were then capable of more and working with men and women of various ages and fitness levels. A transformation happens in the mind and body; an opening.


Nature lover or city dweller?

I am both a nature lover and city dweller. I am inspired by the power and stunning beauty of nature and peace it provides, yet crave the art, culture and good food found in cities.  


Party girl or homebody? 

Both......... Actually, homebody.   Sometimes, though, I'd like to get out more than I do with my husband.  I love to hear/see live music and performances. 


What’s your favorite TV show(s)?

Homeland, Walking Dead, Penny Dreadful, MI-5


Favorite book(s)?

All Harry Potter books


Top 5 guests at your Dead/Alive dinner party? (any person, living or dead, invited to dinner)

Eddie Vedder, Albert Einstein, Joseph Pilates, Doris Humphrey, and my college/Chicago friend and roommate named Erica  


What are your favorite hobbies / pastimes? 

Impromptu dance parties with my kids, family time in my house, walking in the woods, eating/ cooking, and lately, trying new things, facing my fears



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