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The word Kensho means 'to see your own nature.' In other words, to know your self. We believe that the most powerful tool for health and happiness is movement, and we believe that movement provides those moments of clarity, those 'Kensho moments' where we can better know our true self.

At Kensho, we believe:


  • YOU are your own expert, your fiercest ally, your greatest resource, and capable of more than you imagine. 

  • Your body is an extraordinary, self-healing powerhouse that requires your willingness, awareness, and educated participation to meet your fullest potential.


We believe that movement is:

  • as nourishing and necessary as food

  • more than (but including) exercise and sport

  • the language of the body

  • the secret to health and happiness

At Kensho, we:

  • seek personal empowerment through moving, learning, and exploring

  • approach ourselves and others with curiosity, compassion, and cooperation

  • are a community that promotes health through a movement rich environment and lifestyle

  • offer lessons and classes in a variety of methods all aligned to provide you with an empowering, educational and most importantly enjoyable! movement experience. 


 Body and mind are at their best when they meet together in movement, and at Kensho we strive for whole person health. More than exercise, more than 'more', we strive to help you find better, healthy, nourishing movement for maximum ease, function, performance, and longevity.


When your body and mind work together in movement, you know your self. That's Kensho.


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