How to Get Started



When you're new to something, often getting started means overcoming great resistance to the unknown. We're here to help! Let's break down your choices, answer questions, and help you take the first step toward knowing your strong, healthy self. 



Your Choices




When you're beginning your Pilates practice, it's important the know the different ways you can approach the work. Each one is excellent, and are most powerful when combined together, but knowing where you'd like to begin is helpful!


Private Lessons

This is, without a doubt, the most user friendly option to begin your study. Not only do you have the undivided attention of a Pilates Instructor to assure you are working correctly and safely, but you have their expertise to develop a repertoire designed just for you. In a private lesson you can use all the apparatus. Lessons range in price depending on package from $70 - $80 per lesson.


Duet Lessons

This is a lesson with 2 students and 1 instructor. You will still get the benefit of more individual attention and tailored program, though less so than a private. And having the right partner who is the same level and who shares your goals is important. In duet lessons you can use all the apparatus. Lessons range in price depending on package from $40 - $50 per person per lesson.


Equipment Classes

These are classes of up to 4 students to a single instructor, and the apparatus used depends on the class. Some are for a single piece only, like Reformer, and some use all, as in Total Pilates class. Each class is marked for level of expertise from I (beginner) to III (advanced). If you are unsure of your level you can contact us. In a class the repetoire will be more generalized to suit the needs of all, and you will be responsible for equipment set up (though the instructor is there to guide you, no worries!). Classes range in price depending on package from $30 - $40 per class.


Mat Classes

These are classes of up to 10 people to a single instructor, and the work is performed on a mat on the floor. There may be props as the instructor decides, things like foam rollers, magic circles, and barrels. The difficulty level is marked I - III, and the repetoire will be generalized to the needs of the group. This work allows for individual study (home study!), since you don't need any special equipment to perform it. Classes range in price depending on package from $15 - $20 per class.


How to Choose?


Price - each option has it's own price point, so you can find what's comfortable for you.

Physical considerations - Have an injury or other medical concern? Private lessons are usually the safest place to start.

Learning environment - Do you focus and learn better alone or in a group? 

Schedule - classes are at a set day and time, but private and duet lessons are flexible.



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